Since day one we have wanted to ensure transparency with our consumer base about our entire process from brewing to packaging and more.

One thing that always came up when we have spoken with investors, bars, customers is the “they are beautiful but why do you only sell ūmmi in 500 ml bottles?”.  

Well, essentially because we wanted to continue that line of transparency and since we are a brand who pledge 1% for the planet we didn’t feel we could produce in cans last year.  Primarily its because that for many brewers of our size especially in the craft beer, seltzer or kombucha space brands are using cans with plastic foil wrapping around it which means that the can becomes un-recycleable unless the customer is willing to try and get that label off before putting it in with their aluminium recycling. 

Seems a small thing but in the research we’ve done with multiple experts in this space its a hurdle we couldn’t get over as very few will do this and the problem should be solved by the producer not the end user. 

Yes its cost us a bunch of money.  Loads of headaches. We probably all questioned ourselves multiple times in the last year.   However what it has done is given us a memorable first experience for many with the brand.  Primarily it’s also meant that we can all look each other in the eye and smile about the choices we’ve made on this journey.

So how have we done it?  Well primarily it took months of searching but we found a key partner willing to work with us who believe in our vision for the space and so now we have printed cans for our growth in Portugal, France (and elsewhere to come in Europe – stay on our mailing list for those updates). 

Its also comes as we ramp up for Summer which mean that as borders are opening, restrictions are coming down we had to commit to a new production run for these cans to get to the minimum we needed so we have just X10 our production from 2021.  I hope you like drinking ūmmi as we have loads to get through this summer!

You may be asking whats happening with our bottles?  Well, we will continue with them for now for some key retailers as we see that there are some doors who love the aesthetic and premium handfeel they give so you’ll see them at selected partners.

Keep following for updates on country roll out and delivery options as we expand.


Ready for sūmmer.

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