“Whats your events strategy?”

I heard someone ask this recently on an investor call and it made me think.  Do we have ‘an events strategy?’

Short answer I suppose is “bi weekly hangs with friends does that count?”.

So what is it?  Well, we’re growing a pretty loyal following around Lisbon, Ericeira and the Algarve and via socials on our close friends network.  So every two weeks we’re taking ūmmi friends and family to another of our spots we’re proud to work with and have a couple hours of free drinks and snacks.  No big plan but we have a feeling it’s going to become a thing.  Theres nothing better than a spontaneous hang with friends and also a great way of meeting new ones.  What better way to start the weekend!

The first weekend we kicked off at Brunch at Milas with around 25 close friends showing up.  If you haven’t been, they have some of the best food in Lisbon and are always so happy to show you some of these latest creations.

The next week we had an impromptu one at Boardriders in Ericeira with the team at Poke Bowl.  Started as ‘lets meet for a drink’ and before you knew it was dancing through sunset.

Then on Friday night we were at Da Noi thanks to Thomas the creator of this beautiful spot.  The location is quintessentially European.  By that read : street drinking, cars coming by a tiny street, food and drink coming out the window, people enjoying their first weekend moment with friends.  After living in the US for a decade this is one of the things I missed so much.  Impromptu, not overly planned and very much free and easy.  In the US you can’t even have an open alcohol can in public.  Thank you europe, thank you Portugal.

We’re going to do these all summer long, so whilst it might cost us quite a lot in terms of giveaways, we think we’ll meet a lot of new friends over the summer.  So if you’d like to join just drop us a DM to stay up to date with upcoming sūmmer happy hours.

One thing I know is that with some of our new locations coming online including Comida IndepenteJangada Ericeira, whothefuckishenry we have no shortage of amazing options.

Stay updated and see you there…

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