One of the things that we hear quite often in Portugal is “oh I have heard of Kombucha and I knew there was some alcohol in it naturally but what is ‘hard kombucha’?”

Well Hard Kombucha is brewed essentially the same as regular kombucha, and adding a secondary fermentation where sugar is converted into alcohol.  The tea is brewed using organic tea grown at the only tea plantation in Europe on the Azores.

So you are probably also thinking, why would we go this extra mile to create hard kombucha?  Essentially because as we have all come to understand our bodies more, what works and what doesn’t we wanted an alternative alcohol so we can enjoy the buzz but it won’t slow us down the next morning.  We’ve all had those days which just become a write off and between work, life, sport and kids we just don’t have time for wasted weekends.  Have we tried it?  Yes, twice I’ve had 4 or 5 ūmmis on a week night and been fine to work the next day.  With beer that just wouldn’t be happening for me.  

How come it doesn’t slow you down?  Well, number 1 because hard kombucha still contains electrolytes it means you don’t get dehydrated which is one of the key issues with beer.  For wine drinkers one of the key problems with a lot of wine is the sulphites are added as a preservative which can allegedly cause reactions and hangovers.

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