By now if you have tried ūmmi the chances are you got it from one of our trusted retail partners.  We’re thankful to each and everyone of them for believing in what we are doing and our mission to enable better choices everyday.

So you might be wondering how did we open up these accounts.  After all we’re sold at some of the finest locations including Java rooftop, Da Noi, Mercearia da Mila, Madame Granel, La Point, Poke Bowl in Portugal and Le Couleur Locale, Surfing Kitchen, Waxed, Wasted Talent, Coolin up in France.   So are we working with a distributor?  Or a wholesale partner?  Or even a sales manager?  

In a word.  No.  We’ve managed this on our own as we wanted to hand pick the places we feel that ūmmi would be best represented by owners and staff who understand launching a new brand with a new product and are able to fully support our vision.  Does it mean we could probably have sold a few more bottles this summer?  Yes, probably. However the key with building any brand is ensuring the right customers are trying your product.  If you think about the analogy of 1000 true fans that any business can operate once it achieves that amount, that’s the route we’re taking.  Finding the people who want to enjoy a būzz but also care about the health effects of alcohol and with ūmmi not slowing you down the next day we feel confident we’re on the way to building that community.

One thing we hear a lot is “when are you bringing ūmmi into the UK or the rest of Europe?”.  We’re working on that currently, learning and understanding the various tax and excise laws by country.  We wont lie, Brexit has proved a challenge and so might create a specific solution for the UK but for the rest of Europe we are currently looking at that plan and are very excited about the future.  If you want to stay up to date with where we are opening and when add your email below and we’ll keep you updated.


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