When we started ūmmi we thought long and hard about which flavors to come to market with.

Having tried multiple versions of kombucha before there was something we just loved about the original flavor of lemon ginger.  It’s got an amazing bite to it, feels refreshing and for those who enjoy Kombucha already.  For the second we played with quite a few flavors and ended up going for a mixed berry with hibiscus flavor.  Essentially for this one we wanted to have something a little smoother especially for someone who hasn’t tried kombucha before as we feel it’s a great introduction to the space.  Getting the flavor right takes quite a process, ensuring the balance between ingredients, right amount of bubbles and something that becomes well known as ūmmi.

We’re working on our next flavors now ideally that we land on for Spring 2022.  We’re looking for ideas so let us know at or via DM on IG.  We’re playing with a similar set up that we’ll have two more flavors, one again for the discerning kombucha drinker and another which is a little easier on the palette.

What would you like to see us bring in?

Let us know!

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