The Būzz : Oski

Oski is one of a kind.  A style unlike anyone else  with a work ethic to match and a deeper understanding of the role he can play in the lives of others.  In the first of our new series, we sat down with Oski to chat skateboarding, sharks, shops, injuries, Olympics and more.  Read on, […]

Sūmmer Fridays

“Whats your events strategy?” I heard someone ask this recently on an investor call and it made me think.  Do we have ‘an events strategy?’ Short answer I suppose is “bi weekly hangs with friends does that count?”. So what is it?  Well, we’re growing a pretty loyal following around Lisbon, Ericeira and the Algarve […]

Student Brand Ambassadors

Hey, Since we’re growing fast and figuring out things as we go, we don’t really have a jobs page so we wanted to let you know that we’re growing and need some help.  We’ll be expanding our B2B presence in France this summer and will be looking for some help on the ground.  From sales […]

ūmmi Hard Kombucha, now in cans

  ūmmi hard kombucha – now in cans!    Since day one we have wanted to ensure transparency with our consumer base about our entire process from brewing to packaging and more. One thing that always came up when we have spoken with investors, bars, customers is the “they are beautiful but why do you […]

“How much did you pay everyone to be in your campaign?”

The short answer is nothing. Maybe its just the world in which we live these days and the murkiness of influencers and instagram that this is everyones first reaction but this question is one that we’ve heard quite a few times. In fact, they all invested to be part of ūmmi because they believe in what […]

ūmmi, The first European Hard Kombucha.

A look back at our soft launch in 2021. The end of the year is an amazing time to sit down, celebrate the wins, reflect on the opportunities for next year and regroup for the coming 12 months. So for ūmmi, it’s a unique moment to explore our journey. A year ago, we had a […]

No more wasted weekends

One of the things that we hear quite often in Portugal is “oh I have heard of Kombucha and I knew there was some alcohol in it naturally but what is ‘hard kombucha’?” Well Hard Kombucha is brewed essentially the same as regular kombucha, and adding a secondary fermentation where sugar is converted into alcohol.  […]


Arthur Longo

By now if you have tried ūmmi the chances are you got it from one of our trusted retail partners.  We’re thankful to each and everyone of them for believing in what we are doing and our mission to enable better choices everyday. So you might be wondering how did we open up these accounts.  […]

Why start a Hard Kombucha Brand?

Ah what a question.  Well if you read any of Simon Sineks books you will know that having a strong ‘why’ is the foundation of any business or project.   We started planning ūmmi in 2019 through the summer and fall as we had tried a couple of hard kombuchas on trips to the US.  We loved […]

New Flavours

When we started ūmmi we thought long and hard about which flavors to come to market with. Having tried multiple versions of kombucha before there was something we just loved about the original flavor of lemon ginger.  It’s got an amazing bite to it, feels refreshing and for those who enjoy Kombucha already.  For the […]